Product FAQ


You have questions. We have answers.

How is Naturally Amped kraut different from other krauts you see in the stores?

We make our krauts in small batches by hand each and every time. That means we can check for quality and also we take our time making sure it’s right. Because our krauts are made locally, they harness the power of the wild bacteria and yeasts that are indigenous to OUR region! This is important to gut health. The founder of Naturally Amped, crafts each batch with gut health, strong communities, healthy land and healthy people in mind.

What are the benefits of eating naturally Amped krauts?

Naturally Amped Krauts are all handmade in small batches and then fermented/cultured in a traditional earthen crock or stainless steel vessel to help grow good micro-organisms. This is different than canning because the food is live, probiotic and full of beneficial micro-organisms. Traditional fermentation actually increases the levels of vitamins in food.

Live, probiotic and enzyme rich foods are pivotal to gut health and healing. They support good digestion which is the foundation of good health. Probiotic foods help restore balance in the gut (ratio of good microorganisms vs pathogenic micro-organisms). For more information about gut health, be in touch with our chief gut health coach- Naturally Amped founder, Adrienne Percy.

Who should eat Naturally Amped krauts?

Naturally Amped krauts can be eaten by anyone- even kids! They are especially great for building or maintaining gut health. According top researchers, cultured foods are actually a ‘lost food group’ that everyone should be consuming daily!

How much fermented food/drink should I eat each day?

We recommend starting with 1 tbsp/meal if you haven’t had anything probiotic in a long time. Otherwise, 1/4 c with each meal is ideal for optimizing gut health and digestion. Any more than *zero* is great tho!

How long are your products good for?

Naturally Amped krauts are good for 6 months - 1 year. Try your best to use a clean utensil when taking it out of the jar or your may introduce contaminants that cause it to go bad or moldy (just like any other food in your fridge :)

Where do your ingredients come from?

Our ingredients come from a variety of sources. We make every effort to source seasonal, local produce when available. Part of our mission is to support local, sustainable farmers whom we know. We also hand or wild harvest some ingredients - like wild rose petals- for our special, limited edition krauts.

How do I store my kraut?

Be sure to store your krauts in the fridge.