Hi there. If you’ve been working with Carly and you are looking to go into another layer of your healing- your gut- I’m here to help.

Healing your gut can help alleviate the symptoms of:

  • PMS, PCOS, Fertility issues

  • Anxiety/depression/brain fog

  • Overall energy and vitality

  • Autoimmune issues

  • Gas, bloating, digestive issues

  • IBS, Crohns, Colitis

Because you are a client of Carly’s, I am happy to offer you a special package. When you buy three sessions, you get the fourth session for half price. And, your first session- a 20 minute getting to know one another call- is 100% complimentary.

My mission is to help women like you reclaim your full vitality- the kind that comes when you nurture your two most powerful energy centres- your gut and womb.

You can expect to be deeply heard during our sessions. You can expect guidance and support where you need it most. You can expect the practical - grocery lists, ‘how-to’ directions, and some recipes depending on where we are at in our work together.

I place high emphasis on listening and then working with what your body needs this stage of your life. This is based on your history and where you are in your journey through womanhood. Maiden, mother or crone…

I don’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’. This is about the unique journey that is your life.

Let’s start the shift toward looking at food as something that nourishes you and the body you call home. I am here to act as a guide and coach.

Your only job is to be an active participant in your own healing and to live the life you know is possible!

Ready? Book your discovery session now.