Everybody has a purpose…

Ours starts
with a jar…


our pledge/mission

We believe we can improve lives one strong belly at a time. We know that when you feel better you can do better.

Q+A with:
Adrienne Michelle Percy, Founder

Where did the idea for Naturally Amped come from?

Naturally Amped is really about living a vibrant life- one that is AMPED! It came from the realization that we can do it all- just not alone. And in order to live our best possible life we have to have strength and purpose. When I healed my gut I actually had the energy to start doing the work I love and living my life purpose- giving back to the food and farming community!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about community and gut health and how both can change lives!

How do you have fun?

I LOVE getting out there and meeting people like YOU at events. It really fuels me. I also love wildcrafting, herbalism and sustainable farming. I love the river and the Meewasin trail in our hometown of Saskatoon and being out in nature. It puts everything in perspective.

What lights you up?

New ideas. People doing cool things- like living their life purpose. Dreamers and doers. Misfits and mavericks. I identify.