Milk Kefir (1/2 quart and quarts available)

Milk Kefir (1/2 quart and quarts available)

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Milk kefir is cultured dairy made that we create in house using local dairy grains and whole milk. The culture pre-digests proteins and milk sugars and creates powerful probiotics for you in the process!

Often cited as one of the most versatile and healing probiotic foods with some estimates being that it has between 5-50 billion CFU microorganisms in just one tsp!

Tastes: tart and a bit sweet. Variations in texture and consistency are naturally occurring.

Use in: smoothies. On its own. With cereal/oatmeal. The base of chia pudding.

*This product must be refrigerated and has a fairly long shelf life because of the fermentation process. Some separation may occur.

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