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Strength + Purpose. Connected.

Everybody has a purpose-
ours starts with a jar…

We believe that naturally fermented foods can change the world. It’s no wonder- they have LIFE built right into their name. PRO-BIOTA loosely translates into ‘for life’. Everything we craft is designed to nourish you from the inside out. Because happiness starts on the inside (with a healthy gut!)…



Order gut-friendly fermented foods right to your door.

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Founded in Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 territory by a Manitoba Metis girl. We have deep connection to our prairie roots. This work represents our wild (cultured) and indigenous roots. We take our cues from field and forest…

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You can count on the food we make for you being raw and live. Never pasteurized. We keep it REAL with a long, slow, traditional fermentation process that results in layers of flavour.
(Did we mention we never use plastic?)

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Cultured foods are teaming with beneficial bacteria called probiotics. These friendly microbes are being studied for their potential to restore and enliven health. This is your one stop shopping for probiotic + gut-friendly foods.


What people are saying….

I adjusted my diet to include your probiotic foods and managed to curb my sugar cravings. I’ve lost 8 pounds in the past few weeks and feel incredible.
— Jennilee Cardinal Schultz, GreenTree Beauty founder
We LOVE your kimchi! It’s the best we’ve ever had.
— Ann Mckae
Our health has improved from introducing cultured foods into our daily diet, and I am so thankful for all my newfound knowledge.
— Ashley Pharazyn, Health Coach
Gut health is often overlooked yet is connected to so many ailments. As a new parent I feel empowered from being given tools to help build a healthy gut in my son. I appreciate having the tools to act in a preventative manner as opposed to reactionary.
— Jordan Bolan



We do our best to source as many in-season ingredients as possible from family-owned sustainable farms. That means connecting with local farmers and sometimes wild harvesting. We try to reduce our impact on the environment in many ways, including by taking back glass jars if you can’t find a use for ‘em at home.


About us

We believe everyone has a PURPOSE

Ours just happens to start with a jar. Each jar of cultured foods are teaming with probiotics that are not only DELICIOUS but nurture your gut health.

Our mission is to help REVIVE the art of cultured foods and bring it into every home so YOU feel healthy, strong and connected.